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Jennys Apothecary

We are growing our wellness community by collaborating with Jenny's Apothecary.

 Jenny's Apothecary offers holistic skin care using natural and organic lines that are safe and effective. They offer energy work incorporating crystals and essential oils into each healing session. 

Pool Yoga Class







Wellness Retreats Coming  2023!!!
These will be located throughout the U.S. and range from 3-5-7 days. Our goal is to have them all-inclusive. Stay tuned for more information.

Herbalist Erin Collins Kimball will be hosting a 2 hour workshop on how to support your health with plants. During this workshop we will be discussing common herbs that you might even have in your spice rack. Supporting health with Cinnamon, Nettles, Holy Basil, Rose, Turmeric.  Come share some tea with Erin and learn how you can support your health with plants.  

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